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June 27 2016


We feel strongly in giving back. That's why $1 out of appointment travels to charity.

We are a caring organisation. Recognized for our good will and empathy. All things considered we have been in the industry of looking after people's health and well being.
Doctor’s certificate

Our company offers the chance for patient's to select where their $1 goes. You can choose between a trio of charities at the moment.

Cancer Council Pink Ribbon charity

You are cancer Council Pink Ribbon charity.

Donations profit the Cancer Council in research, education, prevention and support of girls diagnosed with breast or a gynaecological cancer. A choice of this charity is near our hearts as most people have been touched at some stage from this illness through family, friends and spouse and children. We believe this approach of charity to be an essential choice given it's impact on so many women's lives in Australia.

To learn more about the Cancer Council along with the good work that they can do you can go to their internet site at Pink Ribbon.
Medical Certificate

The other charity is Oxfam.

Oxfam is assisting communities worldwide to address poverty and injustice. Particularly, they're building a valuable contribution in countries and communities experiencing extreme poverty, working on the 'grassroots' to empower and assist visitors to affect long lasting positive change.

The world thinks Oxfam is playing a vital role in assisting many communities worldwide who're less fortunate than ourselves.

You can opt to donate $1 from a appointment to venture to Oxfam during making your booking.


Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF)

A final charity of preference is Mdecins Sans Frontires.


Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF) can be an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation which provides emergency help to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, rental destruction and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people depending on need, inspite of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. Thier actions are guided by medical ethics as well as the principles of neutrality and impartiality.


The work they do is invaluable in many third world and conflict ridden communities in desperate need of medical treatment and healthcare.


For more information on MSF and the invaluable work that they do you can click on their site at Mdecins Sans Frontires.

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